Kelly Norris, PR & Marketing Manager @PhaseEight @DamselinaDress

I have had the pleasure of working with Rhiannon on a number of projects and events over the past six years and have always been impressed with her professionalism, passion and determination to ensure the very best results.

I love that her approach to curating Instagram pages are on par with that of a senior magazine editor in her ability to think creatively to produce the most beautiful editorial style photo shoots, whilst taking on board our brand focus and key objectives on campaigns.

She has been an amazing brand ambassador for our womenswear brands and a joy to work with – her personality really does ensure you get the very best out of a project and her expertise and knowledge in content creation is invaluable when exploring new ideas or ways to promote our collections.

SJ FROOM, International MUA at bareMinerals @SJFroomLoves

If you are thinking about booking Rhiannon to coach employees within your business or perhaps you want to become an Influencer or Blogger and are booking for a one to one.  Don’t think anymore!  Book her now as you won’t regret it. Get in Quickly! She is the best in the business!

If you want to get your social platforms and website or blog streamlined and work on a new strategy.  Or if you just want to learn how to maximise the use of your social media for personal use or your business then Rhiannon is the perfect person to help you do this.

I have now spent a couple of sessions training with Rhiannon who is so incredible that after a year of practicing what I learnt I went back to ‘take things to the next level’.

Rhiannon is so generous with her knowledge, she will tell you everything she knows (trust me it’s a lot).  Rhiannon literally just ‘gets it’ and knows everything there is to know about Social Media.  (Engagement Rates, Affiliate Links, Apps, Widgets, Analytics, Insights, EMV, Conversion Rates, Editing, Lightroom, Blogs, Plugins, Making Money, Sponsored Posts, Ads, Gifting, Growth, Retention of Followers) – literally I have learnt so much!

In fact so much that my following has doubled, my Grid looks nothing like it used to, I have my own blog, have been accepted by multiple affiliate schemes and there is still more to learn.

Whether you are a complete beginner and only want the basics of how to start making money through social. (No Instagram isn’t just a photo-album of pretty pictures, it’s a HUGE business opportunity)! Perhaps you’re competent already and just want to become slicker, learn more, earn more, then there is SO SO SO much more to learn I promise you!

Honestly It’s the best money I have ever spent.  I will be booking in again.

Niamh Barker, Managing Director @TravelWrap

We were struggling to put together a strategy for growing our social media following on Instagram, I used to describe it as walking through treacle! Rhiannon put a proposal together and we went through a prescriptive step by step plan.

I found Rhiannon patient, knowledgeable and very insightful about the platform. Rhiannon also introduced me to a whole array of tools and tips which she was happy to share with me and kept going over until I got them! The consultation with her was invaluable and we are now in the early stages of putting the practices into place.

We are already seeing improved engagement and followers on our account. Thank you Rhiannon!

Fleur Cook, Marketing Manager @TheRockStarAwards @Rise.

We just needed a bit of a steer, our branding was strong but needed some direction. Rhiannon came in for the afternoon and sat down with a couple members of the team here at RISE. so we all had a clearer understanding across the company. We relayed to her our goals and what we needed from our social media, she had some really useful and insightful ideas for campaigns, posts and activity we could start getting on with.

As well as this Rhiannon showed us some apps and tips that would make our content more consistent and themed across the board. It was great to have a few hours to just sit and think about our social media platforms, it’s not often you get time to think about it as it can become quite all consuming, Rhiannon broke it all down and made it feel doable and achievable.

Jain Spero, Director @Azuni London

We were lucky to find Rhiannon wearing one of our necklaces on Instagram and liked the image so much we got in touch – only to find out that she was not just an influencer but a guru content creator on top! Realising we were seriously not reaching our potential in our social media/content presence we quickly took Rhiannon on as our go-to consultant and creator. After a couple of very informative sessions (where I was able ask literally every question I needed answering) we were on our way. We were super keen for Rhiannon to take some shots herself and even did our first speedy style videos. Believe me working with jewellery is not easy but she did a great job just in time for Valentines Day.

Rhiannon is 1: Totally on the ball, 2: Extremely helpful and non judgemental 3: Super organised, efficient and fast!


I have worked with Rhiannon for a number of years on paid influencer campaigns and consultant work. Rhiannon was part of a panel for a Promo Veritas ASA rules and regulations talk. As she is an influencer herself and has huge amounts of knowledge about the industry she was able to help/advice us on the best way we should be working with influencers and making sure we are sticking by the ASA rules and regulations. She has helped myself and my clients understand the world of a content creator as this can be a very new area for some clients – Rhiannon has so much knowledge about the industry and clients have found her advice to useful for their campaigns.

I would recommend working with Rhiannon to anyone and everyone, she has an infectious personality, hugely driven and so passionate about what she does and that comes across in her work.


I booked Rhiannon for a bespoke day to learn more about influencers and Instagram specifically as she is proven in this field.
I found the day hugely beneficial, she is very generous in her knowledge sharing and was able to show me how to develop in these fields in an organic and professional manner as she shares and has the trust of her followers and collaborative brands who she has long term relationships with.

In this fast turnaround influencing world it was great to meet and be inspired by an influencer who is professional with ethics and who was able to show me how to continue my growth with respect to my followers and brands. I shall continue to work with Rhiannon in the future and would and have recommended her to individuals and large companies.

Juliet Mellor, Owner @TheIndustry

Rhiannon came to The Industry hair salon to hold two workshops on social media training covering Instagram, Facebook and also website. We had them all set up but needed help!! Rhiannon was brilliant, she’s very easy going with so much knowledge on media and tailored the training to suit us. The girls worked really well with her and gained so much knowledge .

We are improving all the time and will connect back with Rhiannon for a catch-up so she can check we are still on the right path and keeping current.

Jess Johnson Hutcheson, Owner & Founder @SandbanksClinic

We met Rhiannon for a workshop to help us with our social media and the time we spent with her was invaluable. Rhiannon has so much knowledge that is gave us the buzz to really grow our social media and grow our following. We saw a difference in numbers within the first few days of applying the tips and tricks Rhiannon gave us.

Rhiannon is so passionate about what she does and is so friendly and approachable and a joy to work with.


Rhiannon has been helping me to get the best out of my photography by tutoring me with the Olympus PEN camera and upgrading my lenses to create professional looking pictures. Along with that she has given me the best tips on what editing apps to use to turn an average picture into a ‘like’ worthy image. Advice on how to get followers to engage and interact has also helped me to grow my audience by a further 3K.

I will absolutely be doing Rhiannon’s Instagram masterclass to get me to that elusive 10K goal.

James Hurst, Owner @BODYTHERAPY

Recognising Rhiannon as a complete guru at social media I had to seek out her advice. I’d just set up my new soft tissue therapy business and was doing okay with my online presence but to struggling to understand IG and how to take it to the next level. This, is where Rhiannon comes in… She gave me: years of knowledge (there’s no holding her back! Seriously, she knows so much!), her creativity, attention to detail and more importantly she brought passion for my personal brand which was extremely important. An added bonus is that you can have a good old laugh too as she’s hilarious and a sheer delight to work with!

If you’re looking to enhance your brand and excel at IG then you must get Rhiannon onboard.

Ruth Frances, TV Presenter @RuthFrancesTV

I saw how amazing Rhiannon’s Instagram profile and blog is and how interactive she is as an influencer and blogger it was inspiring! And then I felt so comfortable asking her for advice on a casual basis that I knew working with her formally would be a breeze. She dispels any myths about social media and explains things in a way that is encouraging and supportive. I also felt like I was being coached during the consultation and we set goals and tasks for me to complete to move my business forward, which I needed. It felt like anything was possible even after my 1st session – and I took some huge steps forward with my work and social media plan. The fact that we can laugh and enjoy spending time together is also a huge plus!

I would highly recommend Rhiannon to anyone wanting to build their social media presence and improve their connection to their customer base.